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  • Milk Chocolate - 8 Piece
  • $21.95
  • Naked Snappers - 8 Piece
  • $19.95
  • Sea Salt - 8 Piece
  • $21.95
  • Assorted Trio - 8 Piece
  • $21.95
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This is the most popular confection we have ever made in our kitchens. You might call this a "turtle," but we can't, as that is a trade name. Our cooks prepare our rich, whipping cream caramel in our kitchens and hand deposit the hot caramel onto beds of fresh Georgia pecans. After cooling, the individual pieces are sold as is: Naked Snappers, or drenched in milk, dark, or white chocolate. The result is the Chattahoochee Snapper, named for the river that flows through our little Alpine village. Sold in 8 piece boxes. Makes a great gift!